China tours and holidays to visit Pandas

Giant Pandas in Chengdu

Chengdu Giant Pandas

China tours and holidays to visit Pandas. Sichuan Province is home to the Giant Panda, one of the most endangered animals on earth and the symbolic mascot of the World Wildlife Fund. All of our tours to Chengdu feature a visit to the Panda Breeding and Research Centre. With over 80 Pandas, it is one of the largest Giant Panda reserves in the world, where you can also see the smaller, Red Panda. Within the Centre compound, there’s also a Giant Panda Museum, research centre, breeding centre and nursery where you can see new born and infant pandas. With our tailored-tour options, we offer a day’s volunteering at the research institute or a three day package to the more remote reserve at Befengxia for those who wish to get closer to Pandas in a natural environment. Chengdu is not just famous for Pandas however. We also visit the colossal Leshan Buddha. Fashioned out of a cliff face and at over 250 feet high, it is the largest carved Buddha in the world. Culinary delights in the city include a vegetarian meal at the Wenshu Temple, tea in the park at a local Teahouse and an authentic spicy Sichuanese Hotpot, which the region is famous for. There is also the opton to visit traditional Sichanese Opera and the famous Face Changing Show.